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What Is London Tattoo Studio And How Does It Work?

It’s time to step inside the Velvet Underground Tattoo Shop… The name is very appropriate, as you will be entering one of the most legendary tattoo shops in the world, with velvet walls and old-world-style fixtures. The tattoo artist that does the work for you will stand still in front of a full-length mirror, while still working on your tattoo. When the artist is done, he will disappear back into his private studio and leave you with a wonderful piece of art.

Voodoo Tattoo, if you want to see the real “VooDoo” it’s in fact located in the basement of an actual London nightclub. In fact, many of the tattoo artists that you see up and down the country keep their own studio down the road. Some of the names that you will find when searching on the Internet are Angel Investors, Bad Boy Tattoo, Billie Jean Tattoo, C.B. C., and Diesel London. Tattoos.

If you decide to patronize a tattoo studio in London, the first thing you should do is speak to the artist directly about pricing. While talking over ideas, remember to ask questions about tattooing supplies, in particular, tattoo ink. Many artists will tell you that they often work with only black ink because it is less likely to bleed and fade. However, many reputable tattoo parlors now offer colored inks, such as blue or green, because they have the capability of being applied over a long period of time without fading.

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