Amish Knitting Basket

An amish knitting basket is a beautiful item to have around your home and makes a great gift for someone who loves to knit. This deep basket with a wood cover can be used for many purposes and is a very functional piece of furniture.

Which flower for basket?

This amish knitting basket is made of solid oak and woven with wood reeds. It has leather loop carrier handles on either side for ease of carrying. It has a nice tight weave and is a perfect heirloom piece!

The traditional Amish basket design is a favorite. It is often referred to as an egg basket, buttocks basket or gizzard basket due to the characteristic double bowl shapes on either side of a center hoop. Source :

Our selection of Amish made baskets include a wide variety of designs including bushel, bun, purse, collapsible solid oak handcrafted baskets, gathering, heart-shaped, laundry, muffing, tissue or woven reed baskets in natural colors with burgundy, hunter green or navy accents.

Amish baskets are typically crafted by family members working together. This is an important aspect of Amish culture.

Visiting an Amish basket shop is a great experience to learn about the culture and their way of life. It is so much more than just selling baskets to customers, it is also a place to spend time with friends and family.

The Amish are a hard-working and rugged group of people that live simple lives without modern technology and drive a horse and buggy rather than a car. They are very friendly and proud of their heritage.