How to Get Kettlebell Swing Abs

kettlebell swing abs

The kettlebell swing is one of the most effective exercises to use for both sculpting and conditioning your core. It works the shoulders, arms and back but also engages the hips to produce power. It is important to note that it should not feel like a squat, but rather a hinge movement with more horizontal than vertical motion. If done incorrectly the shoulder joint can become stressed or even injured and the lower back muscles are asked to generate a large amount of power. Lean more kettlebell swing abs –

To perform a kettlebell swing start by placing a single kettlebell in front of your chest in the standing plank position. You can hold the kettlebell straight up above you or you can rest it on an elevated block if this is too challenging. Engage the core and pull the kettlebell back behind you to just past your legs, as far as it will go without your lower spine arching off the floor or flaring out your ribs. This is one rep.

Unleash Your Core Power: Effective Kettlebell Swing Workouts for Toned Abs

Once the kettlebell reaches its lowest point between your legs it is crucial to drive your hips forward to reverse the momentum and move the weight upward into its most upright position over your head. During this phase many people neglect to keep their abs and core braced which leads to them using smaller shoulder stabilizers as the main power source, which puts extra strain on the shoulder joint. This also allows the kettlebell to “muscle” up with the shoulders, which can lead to a sore upper and lower back.