What is Diesel Tuning?

diesel tuning

Diesel tuning is the process of optimising a diesel engine’s electronic and computerised parts. This is done through reprogramming the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) within the vehicle to increase performance and fuel efficiency. This is a great option for vehicles that need more power whether it be for offroad driving, cruising, towing or a combination of these applications.

Remapping will improve your diesel engine’s power output by adjusting the engine timing and reprogramming the emissions control module to allow for more air flow. A properly tuned engine will also reduce the revs to prevent unnecessary stress on the internal engine components. This is especially important on older diesel engines as they do not have the additional points of adjustment found on newer engines.

The Art and Science of Diesel Tuning: Boosting Efficiency and Performance

A good remap will also make the engine run smoother, reducing shunting of the injectors and head bolts to extend engine life. It will also decrease fuel consumption by reprogramming the ECU to rev less and inject less as you drive into higher gears.

The best way to get the most out of your diesel is to get it professionally reprogrammed. A good remap should provide up to 25% power increase and better fuel economy. Depending on your vehicle model you will also get a choice of tunes tailored to the way you use your truck. This will give you the best balance of power, economy and reliability. For more information, contact a Diesel Performance Specialist at Just Autos today!