Review of the Weight Watchers Diet


Unlike other diets, régimeWeight Watchers is designed to help you change your habits for the long term. The program does the calorie counting for you, giving each food a value based on its calories and saturated fat and offering up a list of “zero point” foods that can be eaten freely (think fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein). There are also premade meals and snacks that you can buy, but it’s recommended to learn how to cook to make it easier to control your portion sizes and eat healthfully.

It has a good track record of helping people lose weight, and the program’s support system helps keep participants motivated. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you have very unhealthy eating habits or struggle with self-control, WW may not be effective for you.

Weight Watchers : Ce que Vous Devez Savoir Avant de Commencer Votre Aventure

According to expert reviewers, a big strength of WW is its emphasis on healthy, balanced eating. It scores higher than most other ranked diets when it comes to nutritional soundness, with a focus on limiting added sugars, increasing fiber and unsaturated fats, and getting enough protein.

A downside is the flexibility of the plan, which some find can be a drawback, says Kraus. For some dieters, having the option to eat anything they want at any time can lead them to overindulge in a favorite treat and put their diet back off track. In addition, a lack of specific nutrition advice might not be suitable for people with very unique dietary needs.