Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance is critical for the life of your court. Keeping the surface free of debris, mildew and fungus is essential as they can damage the coatings. Grass, weeds, tree roots and mud should be trimmed back regularly to keep them from causing structural issues like settlement or heaving of the concrete slab under the court. Cracks should be repaired as soon as they appear. Water entering the subbase through these cracks can cause further problems and lead to costly repairs down the road.

Regularly walk your court and look for areas of standing water (birdbaths) or shaded spots that need to be powerwashed. Organic debris such as sand, leaves, pine needles and bugs accumulate in these low spots or shady areas and can create the perfect environment for moss & mildew to grow. This can also damage the sand surface and colorcoating.

Fungus & Mold

Fungus or mildew is not good for the coatings and needs to be scrubbed with a mixture of one part TSP, one part bleach and four parts water to remove it. This mixture should be used with a soft nylon bristle brush and the surface lightly pressure-washed.

Reflection Cracks

This type of cracking usually occurs in the corners and edges of your court due to temperature fluctuations and earth movements. These movements are then transferred to the surface asphalt and reflect into the colorcoat. This type of cracking cannot be fixed by patching, but can only be corrected by reconstruction of the court incorporating methods such as geotextile membranes, stone slip-sheet or installation of a modular surface system. Consulting with a qualified contractor may help refine your approach and minimize your cost.