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Snus – A Smokeless Tobacco Alternative


Snus is a smokeless tobacco alternative, which has fewer health risks than cigarettes and is an effective tool for smoking cessation. Research has shown that snus increases the quit rate among smokers and that it can help prevent or delay onset of serious smoking-related diseases, such as lung cancer, heart disease, and other respiratory conditions. Snus is also safe to use in public and can be enjoyed with other people without causing them discomfort or harm.Learn more:

Snus has a long history in Sweden and is the most popular form of tobacco in Europe. According to the latest Eurobarometer data from 2017, only 5% of Swedes are daily smokers and 80% of them use snus instead. This is an exceptionally low level of smoking prevalence in comparison to other higher income countries and shows that snus offers significant harm reduction benefits.

From Tradition to Trend: The Evolution of Snus Culture

The tobacco used in snus is air-dried and comes from different parts of the world. It is then ground and mixed with water, salt, an alkalizing agent (typically E500) and food-grade aromas to produce a moist snuff. Snus is regulated as a food and, therefore, all ingredients are listed on the can label.

Traditionally, snus has been placed under the lip, a habit that originated during the 1800s in Sweden. During that period, several manufacturers began to produce local varieties of moist snus, and one of them, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglof’s Ettan, became the national quality product. This helped to establish snus as a popular choice in Sweden and it is today one of the largest snus brands worldwide.

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