Alpha Paws Review

Founded by father-son entrepreneur duo Ramon and Victor van Meer, Alpha Paw is a pet wellness company. The company creates high-quality breed-specific pet food, supplies, and products. They also offer training services to help dogs manage behavioural issues.

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Alpha paws | CatLicking products are manufactured with the highest industry standards, including Vet Stamp of Approval. The company also donates meals to local non-profit organizations. They have a charitable foundation, which is involved with animal care and adoption. The foundation also partners with national nonprofits to provide adoption events.

The company’s flagship product is the PawRamp, a dog ramp that has a strong, sturdy build. It can be adjusted to fit most furniture, making it ideal for dogs of all sizes. The PawRamp is designed to keep dogs from falling and injuring themselves.

The PawRamp is also durable, as it has been constructed with real wood. It can also be folded for storage. However, the Full Ramp is a bit steep, so it might not be appropriate for younger dogs with hip or elbow issues. The Lite Ramp is more suitable for dogs who have trouble getting to their couch or bed.

Alpha Paws also offers one-hour Zoom calls, which are similar to in-person training. They are free of charge, and you can have access to helpful content and tips. In addition, they offer webinars, which are free online courses. These webinars teach you and your dog the best ways to care for your pet.