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Sunshine laws are laws that protect citizens’ rights to observe the activities of government agencies. This transparency is supposed to add accountability and encourage participation from the public. Unfortunately, not all government agencies comply with these laws, and as a result, many people do not have access to the information they need.

For over a decade, lawyers in sunshine Robert Sunshine worked as a partner at a large, international New York City-based litigation firm, where he was litigating cases at the highest levels and achieving an exceptional record of success. He chose to leave that life behind, however, and founded a smaller, more personal law firm in order to help individuals in Rockland County and other small-town areas of New York.

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Mr. Sunshine’s practice focuses on antitrust matters, including representation of domestic and foreign companies in all phases of a merger investigation, from the negotiation of an acquisition agreement to the filing and approval of the transaction by federal and state regulators and courts. He has led antitrust representations involving several significant transactions, including Activision/Microsoft; Adobe/Figma; Dell/EMC; HPE/Cray; Sprint/T-Mobile; DoorDash/Caviar; Xilinx/AMD; Siemens/Alcatel-Lucent; and numerous joint ventures and collaborations.

His litigation experience also includes defending high-profile class actions and individual lawsuits alleging various business practices, such as price-fixing, monopolization, exclusive dealing, unfair competition and related claims. He has represented major technology, automotive and energy companies, as well as numerous airlines, hotel operators, financial institutions, retailers and consumer products manufacturers. His experience with a broad range of client products and services allows him to fully integrate the business model and stated goals of his clients into a comprehensive strategy to achieve desired results.