Balayage Highlights

Balayage highlights are beautiful hand-painted accents that add dimension and highlight to your hair. This technique is perfect for a sun-kissed look. It’s also a great way to enhance a haircut or layered style. You can customize a balayage color to suit your personality, season, and hair type.

How many sessions is a balayage?

If you have medium to dark hair, you might consider a caramel balayage or golden balayage. These colors create a nice blend with your natural shade.

While these highlights will need touch-ups after a couple of weeks, they can last up to six months. Since they’re less noticeable, you can keep them in longer than with traditional highlights. Usually, you’ll have to return to the salon every six to eight weeks to maintain them.

Traditional highlighting involves a stylist painting color on sections of your hair. The hair is then lightened with a lightening product. Some stylists use foils to achieve a uniform highlight.

For a more subtle look, you can choose to have babylights. Babylights are usually used for finer hair, and are meant to be more subtle. Typically, they’re laid over a lightener and are meant to blend with the rest of your hair.

Another technique is ombre. Normally, the ombre starts darker at the roots, then blends into a lighter tone at the tips. Depending on your hair, you might opt for a copper or gold hue in the winter and a brighter blonde in the summer.

If you have a shorter hair length, you might opt for a face-framing balayage. You can choose a color that will blend with your natural color, such as ash blonde or auburn.