Choosing a Locksmith Picks Set

locksmith picks set

Whether you’re an experienced locksmith picks set for professional tools or just starting out in the hobby, a well-chosen locksmith picks set can make all the difference. Choosing the right set can be confusing at first, but by focusing on three key factors-types of picks, quality of materials used in construction and included accessories-you can narrow down your options quickly and easily until you find a set that’s perfect for your needs.

Standard lock pick sets include rake picks that work with most pin tumbler locks and hook picks, which are usually only needed for raking or when the lock can’t be picked by raking. A few specialty picks like the deforest diamond and pagoda are also sometimes included in these types of sets for tackling more challenging locks.

Unlocking the Secrets of Picklock Tools and Their Uses

These standard picks are typically made of stainless steel and don’t require frequent sharpening, so they’re good long-term investments for professional or amateur lockpickers alike. Some are even rust resistant, making them great for professional use on outdoor locks that are exposed to the elements.

If you’re just beginning, a few high-quality picks from a reputable brand like Peterson, Sparrows, Multipick or SouthOrd will give you the best chance of progressing and becoming skilled in lock picking. Avoid buying a big, low-quality set of picks that will only confuse you. Instead, invest in a few good-quality individual lock picks or small form lock pick sets that accommodate your style of picking and stick with them until you get comfortable with them.