Choosing UPenn Off-Campus Housing

For graduate students, housing is a major concern. In the past few years, university housing costs have risen an average of 3.5% per year, while other costs have remained relatively stable. These increases have led some students to seek off-campus options.Upenn off-campus housing offers students valuable information about the process, including a screened database of rental listings and roommate search services. They also provide a variety of other resources to help students find the right housing for their needs.

What type of students go to UPenn?

There are many different types of upenn off-campus housing, and each option has its own pros and cons. Students should consider a number of factors when making their decision, including budget, living preferences (such as whether they want to live alone or with roommates), and whether utilities are included in the rent. Graduate students may also have specific housing requirements, such as proximity to Penn Hospital.

Some popular off campus housing options include the college houses at UPenn. These are often newer buildings with modern design and amenities, located a short walk from the Quadrangle. These apartments are very popular and often come with a lot of extras, such as rooftop decks, game rooms, and concierges. However, the cost for these apartments can be significantly higher than if students lived on-campus.

Other options for off-campus living are more traditional apartment buildings, such as those in West Powelton. These usually offer a more suburban community feel and are generally much less expensive than the newer luxury buildings around UPenn.