Get a Concrete Contractor License – Requirements

Your Concrete Contractors – A concrete contractor’s license is required to execute specific concrete services. The contractor must be trained and certified, have a valid business license and also pass the relevant examination. Once a concrete contractor has passed all these requirements, then you are required to get a concrete license. Before you are allowed to apply for your first concrete contractor license, you have to fulfill the following qualification requirements:

How to get a Concrete Contractors License

In order to start your business as a concrete contractor, you have to prepare an application to the State Bureau of Concrete and Masonry. This application should contain details on your background, experience, educational qualification, and work experience. In order to get your license as a concrete contractor, the application has to pass the written exam and the practical exam.

It is important that you have a proper concrete contractors license because this will prevent you from being charged with crimes such as “unlawful and criminal use of concrete”, “using a controlled substance while doing the job” and other similar charges.