Hospital Bed Size Sheets

hospital bed size sheets

Hospital Bed Size Sheets

The best hospital bed size sheets beds are those that are made specifically for the size of a hospital bed. Using sheets that are not sized properly can cause problems with the mattress and tangle the patient up.

Standard-sized hospital beds are typically 80 inches long and 36 inches wide. Bariatric or extra-large hospital beds can be even wider and longer than standard beds.

Thread Count

The thread count of hospital sheets is an important factor to consider because it affects how breathable the sheets are and how much they feel soft. Higher thread counts make the sheets more durable, allowing them to be washed and dried multiple times without losing softness.

Finding the Right Fit: A Guide to Hospital Bed Size Sheets

Most hospital sheets are made of cotton, which is a natural fiber that can tolerate being washed many times and still stay soft. However, some hospitals also choose to use other types of fabrics, including silk or bamboo, which provide greater comfort and a smoother texture.

Sheet Straps

The straps used to hold the sheets on a hospital bed help to keep the sheets in place. These straps attach to the corner under the mattress and can be used on both fitted and non-fitted sheets.

Bed Size

The length and width of a hospital bed determine the size of the sheets that will fit it. Standard-sized hospital beds are typically 80 inches in length, but bariatric and extra-large beds can be as long as 84 inches.