How to Hide Comment on Facebook

Hide comment on facebook prevents people from seeing those specific unwanted comments and can help limit future ones. You can hide any comment on a post, update or page. Hidden comments are still visible to the person who commented and their friends. When you hide a comment any replies that are nested under it will also be hidden.

Can you reply to a hidden comment on Facebook?

Hiding a comment is a great way to get rid of spam or self-promotional comments that aren’t adding value to the conversation. You can also use it to weed out negative or inflammatory comments from trolls who are trying to derail the discussion and make everyone feel bad.

You don’t want to hide comments too often because this sends a message to the public that you’re not open to feedback or criticism. This could damage the trust people have in your brand. If a comment is so bad that it needs to be hidden, try to have a meaningful discussion with the person instead.

You can also delete and ban users from using your account by clicking on the three little dots next to their name on a comment or in their profile. Unlike hiding, deleting a comment will completely remove it from your timeline so the user won’t be able to see it and won’t know that you deleted their comments. This can cause confusion and may lead to them thinking that you haven’t approved their post or didn’t like their reply.