How to Make THCA Diamonds

CBDDY – thca diamonds are one of the most effective cannabinoid products on the market. This is due to the extensive production process that preserves valuable terpenes and cannabinoids.

What are the benefits of THCA diamonds?

During the extraction process, solvents are used to push out THCA and terpenes from the marijuana flower. Once the THCA is isolated, it is then purified to remove any remaining solvents.

In addition, terpenes are added back to the concentrate to create an even stronger and more flavorful sauce for use in dabbing or vaping. You can add a splash of your THCA diamond to your favorite vape or dab tool and drop it into your preheated quartz banger, or add it to your bong bowl with dried flowers and other concentrates for a more robust experience.

How To Make THCA Diamonds

While they are often seen in the extract known as sauce, THCA diamonds can be made at home using a method referred to as “diamond mining.” This method involves applying a series of heat and pressures to the live resin mixture. This causes the THCa to separate from the semi-viscous terpene sauce, leaving crystalline diamonds behind.

THCA diamonds can also be created by solvent-evaporation techniques, or flash chromatography, which uses a combination of filters and rotary evaporation to isolate THC from terpenes. This method requires specialized equipment that is not available to the general public.