How to Prepare Jollof Rice

How to prepare Jollof Rice

How to prepare Jollof Rice  – The secret to great jollof rice is the type of rice you use, it must be parboiled (also known as “converted” or “easy cook”), this gives it a firm texture that prevents it from clumping together when cooked. The other ingredients are fairly easy to find – palm oil, Maggi cubes, ground crayfish (can be bought as ground beef or chicken) and iru(locust beans).

The first thing you will need is a blender; then you will need to blend red bell pepper (tatashe), scotch bonnet pepper (Ata-rodo), tomatoes and onions; mix well until you get a thick paste. Then you will need to add your Maggi cubes, crayfish and ginger; again, mix well. This is your stew base.

Savor the Taste of Nigeria: Perfecting the Art of Nigerian Jollof Rice in Your Kitchen

Once you have your stew made, you will need to wash your rice and allow it to soak for a while in water. Once you have your soaked rice, you can start cooking the rest of the ingredients in a pot. Make sure you have enough water to cover the rice and add some salt.

You can also add a bit of oil to the mixture as it cooks to give it a more glossy appearance. Once the rice is cooked, stir it through and let it stand for a while before serving. One of the most important things to remember about preparing jollof rice is to check it often for doneness. If your rice is getting mushy before it’s completely done, take it off the heat and spread it on a baking sheet. Blot off the excess water and put it back on a low heat to finish cooking.