How to Tell What Kind of Concord HVAC Air Conditioning System You Need

How to Tell What Kind of Concord HVAC Air Conditioning System You Need

If you’re in the market for an air conditioning system, air repair & Heating you’ve probably come across the name Concord HVAC before. These professionals offer HVAC services for both commercial and residential properties, and are highly rated by HomeAdvisor. Their customer service is exemplary, and they also offer warranties on new HVAC installations. If you’re considering purchasing an air conditioning system from one of these local Concord HVAC dealers, be sure to ask about their warranties and customer service.

One way to tell what kind of Concord HVAC air conditioning system you need is to examine the condenser. Look for the model number, which is usually divisible by six or twelve. The number represents the BTU in thousands. One ton of air conditioning is approximately 12,000 BTU, so a 4HP16LT48P model will provide four tons of cooling, while an AC14L18P will deliver 1.5 tons of cooling.

Another great advantage of a packaged HVAC unit is its cost. A packaged HVAC unit combines heating and cooling into a single outdoor unit. This is especially convenient if you have limited space or are looking for an air conditioning system that fits within your budget. These units are also inexpensive and can be installed quickly and easily. To ensure optimal indoor air quality, clean filters are a must. In addition, dirty air filters can cause the cooling coil to freeze. Changing your air filter regularly will help prevent many problems. Flat air filters should be replaced monthly while pleated filters should be changed every three months. Vibrating air conditioners may require a more frequent filter change.

Another great option is Integrity Air Concord. Their technicians specialize in residential and light commercial HVAC repairs. They also offer annual maintenance checks and services, which can significantly reduce your emergency repair costs. If you’re looking for a quality Concord HVAC service provider, Integrity Air Concord, LLC is the company to call. Their technicians are highly trained and experienced. The team at Integrity Air is knowledgeable and reliable, and they can provide you with a personalized quote for any of your air conditioning needs.

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