How to Use Instagram Car Decals to Sell Cars

instagram car decal

Product Stickers

Instagram car decal product stickers don’t just raise awareness for your products: they also help you convert that attention into sales. With a single tap, users can learn more about the featured product, and then navigate to a page on your website for purchase. You can even include multiple products in a single post for your audience to choose from and see more details about each one.

Creating a Cohesive Brand with Custom Instagram Stickers”

Like product stickers, music stickers allow you to turn implied actions into explicit calls to action. With Instagram’s “sound on” sticker, for instance, you can make it clear that the audio of the video you’re sharing is a vital part of the experience. Similarly, the “listen to this” sticker allows you to link out to your podcast or YouTube channel, or show off your favorite playlists.


Instagram is rolling out a new feature today that lets you add a link to your profile when creating a reel, replacing the older “swipe up” function. To use this new feature, create a reel as usual, and then select “Sticker icon” from the Reels menu in the top-right corner. You can then write your own prompt or click the Dice icon to generate a random prompt.