Ideal Tax Solutions Review

If you owe the IRS considerable sums of money, it’s likely time to get professional help. A good place to start is Ideal Tax Solutions, a BBB-Accredited Business that offers a wide array of IRS/state tax debt resolution services for individuals and businesses. The company is not perfect, though: its website is confusing, and it’s not transparent about how much its tax resolution services cost. In addition, a number of verified customer reviews report that the company used scare tactics and misleading marketing to lure clients in.

What is a marginal tax rate?

The company specializes in reducing federal and state tax debt through negotiation with the IRS, filing back taxes, settling tax liens, and stopping collections from wage garnishment and bank levies. Its staff includes tax attorneys, non-attorney tax consultants, and enrolled agents (tax prep specialists) — all of whom know federal tax law inside and out. The company also has a long track record of successful client resolutions and a host of accreditations and memberships that make it more credible than many fly-by-night tax relief firms.

Ideal Tax Solutions charges a $495 investigation fee to assess your case, which is standard for most tax relief firms. Then, you can choose one of four Protection Plans, which bundle a comprehensive range of services into a single, fixed-fee package. The company doesn’t promise to reduce your total tax liability, but it does guarantee that its services will stop an IRS collection action and negotiate a lower amount than what you owe.