NACE Certification in Coatings

NACE Certification in Coatings

When it comes to coatings inspection, the NACE Certification qualified NACE in Coatings (CIP) is the gold standard. The CIP includes both in-person training and online courses. The first class will take place March 29-30, 2020, with instructors opening their schedules to accommodate students. Level 3 certification requires a significant amount of experience and knowledge of the NACE inspection standards. To earn the certification, you must complete Level 1 and Level 2 courses.

A NACE inspector will be able to evaluate coatings on a variety of substrates, including pipelines, equipment painting, shipyard structures, and military installations. The NACE inspector will analyze the project, recommending repairs and modifications as needed to ensure that the coating is in good condition. These inspectors are highly trained, and industry-recognized software is used to document their findings. In addition to providing a high-quality report, these inspectors can also be found on the NACE website.

Akana provides a wide range of specialty coating inspection services. NACE-certified inspectors ensure that coating work is applied in accordance with contract specifications. Additionally, they ensure that NACE-certified professionals follow proper safety and quality control measures to ensure the long-term durability of a project. Akana is a NACE-certified professional. These inspectors have extensive experience in coating inspection. They can provide you with an in-depth, high-quality report with detailed recommendations for further action.

To become a NACE inspector, candidates must first complete NACE inspections training courses. These training courses range in length from one to six days. For example, a normal NACE inspection course is 60 hours long, while the CIP Exam Course takes an additional DVD set for study. Specialty courses focus on a particular industry, such as coatings inspection, which requires six days of study. If you have completed an undergraduate degree, you only need two years of work experience to become a general NACE inspector.

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