Pergola Roofing – Picking A Pergola Roof

You can easily install a pergola to your yard by yourself if you follow some simple instructions and do the pergola roofing yourself. You can also use some metal roofing material for making a pergola but there are other materials that will look good on a pergola like bamboo, wicker, aluminum and vinyl.

How to install polycarbonate roofing

Before you get started, choose the type of wood that you want to use like cedar, redwood or cypress. If you want to save money, then go for the cheaper ones. You can find them at home depots or online. When you have chosen the wood, you should check whether the wood is treated with any insect repellent. Some pergolas are more susceptible to bugs. You should also check the weather to make sure that it does not rain as this will dry up the wood and prevent it from rotting.

Next, cut all the excess wood of the pergola and then start the pergola roofing. First you need to make a groove in the top of the pergola so that the screws that secure the pergola roofing into the wood can fit through easily. Then you can start screwing the pergola roofing into the wood. You can make the holes as large as possible so that you can install the wires so that the pergola can be plugged into your electrical socket. Once you have done that, you need to seal all the holes so that water can drain properly.