Showcase IDX Review

About Showcase IDX review. Showcase IDX has become a leader in realty search and user engagement. They are known as one of the top IDX publishers in the world. Their award winning authors, editor, and designers have created a community of like-minded people who help each other grow their business.

Is it For Your Real Estate Business?

About Showcase MLS IDX WordPress plugin. This is a great tool for new and existing brokers and realtors that can integrate with the Showcase IDX software to manage listings, follow clients, and follow-ups. This WP plugin was designed by a team of experts in the world of internet marketing who have spent years working with the leading IDX realtors to bring the most complete showcase management system available. You will find the feature-rich software has the ability to create custom listings, follow and respond to leads, create an online catalog of listings, and much more. These outstanding features will allow you to manage your listings in such a way that you can focus on multiple aspects of your business, while effectively managing your CRM tools.

About Showcase IDX review. The goal of this Showcase IDX WP plugin is to provide brokers and agents a cost-effective solution for managing listings, leads, and more. By creating a user-friendly interface, your agents can connect directly with your system so you can manage them as they become your customers. The Showcase IDX plugin also includes a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps your agents manage contacts, follow-ups, and send emails, all while using your own content management system.