The First Cultivation of Canada Shrooms Could Open the Door to a Legal Market

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Canada is known as a progressive hotbed of marijuana legalization, but psychedelic mushrooms remain in a state of legal limbo. The fungi that make up the magic mushrooms, or psilocybin-containing mushrooms, are controlled substances in Canada and illegal to grow, sell and possess unless authorized by Health Canada. That could change, however. The first cultivation of the popular mushrooms in the country is taking place this year, and it could open the door to a legal market. This link

The fungus, commonly called “magic mushrooms,” contains psychoactive psilocybin and psilocin, which are hallucinogens that can alter one’s consciousness. They can cause people to see, hear and feel things that aren’t there, and can lead to anxiety, fear and muscle twitches, among other symptoms.

Exploring the Magical World of Canada’s Psychedelic Fungi: A Guide to Shroom Hunting and Identification

In the past, each mushroom season in Haida Gwaii, particularly around Masset on the Queen Charlotte Islands, brought a flood of itinerant pickers to the area. The Liberty Cap mushrooms found there have a reputation for being especially potent, and the influx of pickers resulted in conflicts between residents and the visitors.

But in late 1979, the B.C. Court of Appeals ruled that possession of the mushrooms as they occur in nature did not constitute possession of the drugs they contain. That decision, along with subsequent rulings in Alberta and Ontario, led to a decline in mushroom-related arrests in the province. In fact, a RCMP officer on Vancouver Island and in the Queen Charlottes says the mushroom harvest this year has been peaceful.