What is Breathwork Therapy?

Breathwork therapy is an integrative psychotherapy that uses breathing exercises to promote mental and physical health. It can be used with individuals, couples, and groups. It is a holistic approach to healing that draws on yoga and other Eastern practices as well as Western psychotherapy techniques.

What is 10 20 30 Breathwork?

Integrated breathwork, or Therapeutic Breathwork, is the purposeful application of conscious, connected breathing in one-on-one or group settings, guided by a skilled practitioner and the Spirit of Breath. This work is held within a sacred container of the client-therapist relationship, a sense of safety and integrity, and an intention that focuses on bringing an innate somatic intelligence to the healing process.

In this therapeutic work, the breath becomes an energetic portal into the body’s story and a means of releasing suppressions that have been stored in the body for years. In addition, breathwork helps people to shift their focus and attention in a healthier direction, which can relieve stress and anxiety.

The breath is also a powerful tool for spiritual awakening and attunement to the universe. When you breathe, you are connecting to the life force of the Universe and sending it to all living things around you.

Studies show that resonant breathing reduces stress and improves heart rate variability, which can improve your mood and reduce symptoms of depression. It also helps to control your sympathetic nervous system, which regulates the fight or flight response to stress. Research has also shown that breathing exercises can improve the immune system.