What Is Hippo Speed?

Hippo speed are well known for their large size and fearsome teeth, but they’re also incredibly fast animals. They have powerful leg muscles and a unique gait that allow them to run at impressive speeds on land and water. This article takes a look at hippo speed, and how it compares to the speed of other animals.

What Is Hippo Speed?

When hippos feel threatened, they often move at top speed to frighten predators and humans, or to defend their territory. Their run is more like a gallop, which explains the name of this animal from its Greek translation: “river horse.” However, hippos can only sustain their running speed for about 30 seconds or so before they need to take a break. They’re also incapable of jumping, which can make them even more vulnerable to attacks.

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Despite their roly-poly appearance, hippos are some of the fastest animals in Africa when it comes to running on land. They can reach speeds of 30 km/h, which makes them one of the swiftest mammals of their size. They are also great swimmers, although they’re not as fast as other aquatic creatures like crocodiles and sharks.

In terms of human swimming speed, average casual swimmers can achieve speeds of 3.2 km/h. But competitive swimmers may be able to swim as fast as 7.2 km/h. Even so, it’s unlikely that a skilled human could outrun a hungry hippo, regardless of the distance. The best way to avoid a hippo attack is to stay out of its territory.