What Is Private Blog Network?

What is private blog network? A PBN, or private blog network, is a collection of websites owned by a single owner. Each site exists solely for obtaining backlinks to the owner’s main website. Using PBNs violates Google’s webmaster guidelines, and Google will de-index your website if it finds out that you are using this link-building strategy.

Is PBN good for SEO?

Creating a PBN is time-consuming, and it can be expensive. You should only use this strategy if you have the time and resources to invest in it.

When it comes to building a PBN, you have to select a quality hosting provider. One with a footprint-free platform and comprehensive management and setup tools to make the process simple and secure.

The right PBN hosting provider will also provide the ability to quickly de-optimize links in bulk, and flag any DNS or SEO issues. This will help you avoid penalties from search engines, which can hurt your ranking and visibility.

You need to avoid PBNs that are founded on duplicate content, shared IP addresses or servers, unique analytics/advertising codes, or a matching domain owner. You should choose a PBN host that offers tools to quickly identify these indicators and steer clear of the most common PBN scams.