What to Do If Your Comment is Pending Review on Facebook

If your comment is pending review facebook, it could be because the owner of the timeline has customized their friend list so only certain groups can see and post content on it. This is a great feature that prevents spammers and others from posting inappropriate content on the timeline, but it can also mean that you cannot leave comments on specific posts or stories. If this is the case, the owner of the profile will receive a notification that their post is pending review and they can decide whether to approve or decline it.

What does pending comment mean?

The first step to solving the issue of your comment being pending is ensuring that your internet connection is working properly. If you have a poor or inconsistent internet connection, this can interfere with Facebook’s ability to process and post your comments and may cause them to disappear from the site. Restarting your internet router and reconnecting to the wi-fi can often resolve this issue.

Another possibility is that you have an incompatible third-party app installed on your computer or mobile device. These types of apps can interfere with your browser’s ability to connect to Facebook servers and can cause problems when trying to post. Remove any third-party apps from your device and try to comment again.

Finally, you should log out of your Facebook account and then login again to see if this resolves the problem. This will clear any cache or cookies that may be interfering with your ability to comment on Facebook.